Friday, December 18, 2009

Hats and Headpieces.....

I seriosuly can not get enough hats or head pieces. I am beginning to be obsessive with this. I went out to see what downtown Sanora had to offer and I almost went ape shit in every second hand store. This place has the best vintage shopping I have ever done. I will soon be taking pictures of all the goodies I found. There is one piece that I plan on buying and wearing on my birthday. It's an old top hat with the original feather still in it. I thought it was so amazing!! You WILL see me with that on. I have one hat I love that is in such good condition, I can actually wear it. Sanora is like a traesure chest of beautiful, original things and I fully intend on purchasing as many of those things as possible.

Hat and blouse, bought both for $1 at the jetrag morning sale on La brea off of Melrose. It is such a great place and every Sunday morning they get rid of bags and bags and BAGS of stuff out all for $1!!!!!

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Marlboro Martini said...

Funny, I have just requested a hat for my birthday.

Great post

MM x