Thursday, May 8, 2014



Look who's back on the rummager? Yes. It's been fucking years and I took a god damn lifetime. BUT ... THE BITCH IS BACK! I have decided that maybe its time to shed some light on myself and show you who I am what I am all about and what my brand MEILAI is all about... To those who used to follow me... THANK YOU. I will now be open again to the blog world. My secrets, shenanigans, crazy nights and workdays can now be shared with yourselves. 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Experiment with the gods.

Believing in a higher power is an interesting thing. Your higher power may consist of several thoughts of a bearded man they call god. I have many gods. In fact I have a god for everything. 

I have a god I pray to for all creative manifestations. He whispers to me when I draw, paint, sew, design and day dream. The strength I get from him is something nobody can take away. Especially since we both rely on each other to stay alive. He serves the freshest of meats to my souls hunger. We feast everyday.

I have a god I pray for strength. I consider myself a warrior in the game of life. were all a bunch of guns that go off at some point ... but to know how to take cover and shield yourself from the flying bullets it's a true art. The warrior fights battles that are worth it's time and knows when to let nature take it's course.

I have a god I pray to for Love. We still don't understand each other. Trying to put together the straight lines in a messy entanglement... I'm not sure we will ever understand each other. Sometimes I think that could be the beauty of this god. You will always strangle me with expensive silk... and for that I love you.


You must be your god. Worship you. Believe in you. Love you. Feel and understand you. 

Were all a bunch of bodies protecting a soul.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


My observation of the humans I see day to day becomes more clear to me. I don't know why I feel I sit outside the natural day and life we all tread through ... I guess in my mind I sit these days out as my physical body stays in motion. Its like I'm in a non stop dream and life is played in the same routine every time I close my eyes. The world turns in a circle. Round and round and round. It never changes rhythm. 


Then you meet those people that slap the haze out of your mind. They take the worlds axis and shake that mother fucker in every way possible just by walking in a room. They have the taste of reality on their lips and the touch of different tomorrow. You tend to stay awake more.
Thank you.
I needed a shift in my universe and I got it. I only wish your taste would linger longer so I stay awake. I wish your hands could create my new realm. 
Chemically we are bound. No name. No stories. No history. No questions.  none of which matter. Breathing your breath right here... right now... Is what matters. 

It's a hell of a drug.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Isolation of the Wicked

When she starts to die she walks into the depths of the forest where her soul keeps walking after her legs have stopped. The trees move to her inhale and exhale of breath ... She has great affect as they become one ... Her eyes set ablaze a warm sapphire and in them the world burns inch by inch .... creating chaos   

Friday, August 31, 2012

She was feeling optimistic

As a human being I believe it is common and very sane to contemplate life. The many questions start to fester in your head of why am I here? what is this purpose of life and where am I going? Who am I becoming? I am starting to realize we don't become one person.. we simply evolve and don't stop till we lay in our graves. We are not a person.. we must allow ourselves to change with the seasons. I feel that if I stay stagnant then my life will as well and I will continue to go through life without learning anything.... 
     I am sure you are all going.. well duh ashlee?? My point that I want to make is you must allow parts of you to die and rebirth. That is exactly how we should perceive this. When you have to let that job, person, car, emotion, dream, house.. whatever it may be, Let it go!!!
 Don't think of it as you failing. You are simply leaving soil that is dry where your plants wont grow. Go find new soil where the sun shines in your favor and plant a new one. It's the rebirth of life. WE are the ones responsible for walking away and finding this. I as others get caught up in situations and emotions that seem to become hopeless, sometimes you must walk away and let it die.
You never know .. one day I may grow back. That is up to mother nature however and I grow tired of trying to always play god in life. I do not have all control and never will. It's wicked to think about really? 

We can't Live if we are to afraid to Die.

What the fuck are we so afraid of??

Friday, June 1, 2012

The most poetically rich material

I have followed CoCoRosie for some time  now ... I have to say that as they grow as artist I feel more and more amazed with them. I enjoy their music and artistic vision. They really seem to open themselves up and allow themselves to be influenced without missing a beat of anything at all. Just listening to the interview below makes me realize there are people like this out there that are so amazing!!! 

PS.... Bianca is my hero when it comes to her creative style!!! I fucking love her!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

God called in sick today...


I feel that is all I do every hour now.
Lots of changes occurring.
No matter if it's good now it will be for the better later.
Mostly taking time to myself and realizing how many beautiful people have entered my life recently.. It is a true treasure to meet wonderful people and an even more amazing experience to really be able to observe them.
There is something to learn from everyone, be open and allow your thoughts and emotions run wild. 
We are wild creatures and suppressing ourselves will not allow our souls to grow.

A wise Man once said.....
And that is it.. 
take a moment to listen and take in what a wise man has to say ..
to many times we listen with one ear and not both. 

find the beauty in every person you come into contact with

I recently had an awesome get away to Big Sur.. i have to say it was a charming and relaxing. I will be back soon! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Life gives you Lemons....

You SQUEEZE those Mother fuckers!!

Seriously, this entire thing makes me like.. have a photogasm.
Not only are the clothes and styling impeccable.. but the the color and energy from these are captivating as hell.. I love everything about this..  

 “Viva La Vida” meaning “Live the Life” is inspired by the great Frida Kahlo. She was an artist, a lover, a fighter, and had a passion for life. Her colorful flare put us in a design frenzy for the summer collection, we hope you love it as much we do.

Check out For Love Of Lemons...

HOLY SHIT my friends!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Geeked up!!

These photos make me HAPPY!!

My Sharoona

So we all know that I am a Nasty Gal FREAK. I know of MinkPink from when I lived in LA. I recall seeing the brand in some random stores. For some reason this MinkPinkXNastyGal just caught my eye. Give me a break dude I work like crazy now and have a hard time writing these days... as you can see. I was just so drwn into the styling. The colors and the mixture of it all is awesome!!! 

Seriously?? Like How freaken cute! DANM YOU NASTY GAL!! Got me again! 

Miracle grow

To many times this happens to me..... What does it all mean?? 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Naked Enlightenment

It's about time for a little change in Mei Lai. I made a new Logo and am cranking up the volume. I think it's pretty Rad and a lot different than the last.

To walk away from something and come back with a clear head has helped me a lot recently. Sometimes people get burnt out in what we do all the time and I find that completely normal. Sometimes you need to walk away and catch some enlightenment and clean your eyes out. So now I have jumped back into the creativity of things and have no problem hitting this head on!!! 

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact
 - William James

I must create my own reality and remember that life is what I make of it. That goes for you too.