Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Experiment with the gods.

Believing in a higher power is an interesting thing. Your higher power may consist of several thoughts of a bearded man they call god. I have many gods. In fact I have a god for everything. 

I have a god I pray to for all creative manifestations. He whispers to me when I draw, paint, sew, design and day dream. The strength I get from him is something nobody can take away. Especially since we both rely on each other to stay alive. He serves the freshest of meats to my souls hunger. We feast everyday.

I have a god I pray for strength. I consider myself a warrior in the game of life. were all a bunch of guns that go off at some point ... but to know how to take cover and shield yourself from the flying bullets it's a true art. The warrior fights battles that are worth it's time and knows when to let nature take it's course.

I have a god I pray to for Love. We still don't understand each other. Trying to put together the straight lines in a messy entanglement... I'm not sure we will ever understand each other. Sometimes I think that could be the beauty of this god. You will always strangle me with expensive silk... and for that I love you.


You must be your god. Worship you. Believe in you. Love you. Feel and understand you. 

Were all a bunch of bodies protecting a soul.

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