Friday, August 31, 2012

She was feeling optimistic

As a human being I believe it is common and very sane to contemplate life. The many questions start to fester in your head of why am I here? what is this purpose of life and where am I going? Who am I becoming? I am starting to realize we don't become one person.. we simply evolve and don't stop till we lay in our graves. We are not a person.. we must allow ourselves to change with the seasons. I feel that if I stay stagnant then my life will as well and I will continue to go through life without learning anything.... 
     I am sure you are all going.. well duh ashlee?? My point that I want to make is you must allow parts of you to die and rebirth. That is exactly how we should perceive this. When you have to let that job, person, car, emotion, dream, house.. whatever it may be, Let it go!!!
 Don't think of it as you failing. You are simply leaving soil that is dry where your plants wont grow. Go find new soil where the sun shines in your favor and plant a new one. It's the rebirth of life. WE are the ones responsible for walking away and finding this. I as others get caught up in situations and emotions that seem to become hopeless, sometimes you must walk away and let it die.
You never know .. one day I may grow back. That is up to mother nature however and I grow tired of trying to always play god in life. I do not have all control and never will. It's wicked to think about really? 

We can't Live if we are to afraid to Die.

What the fuck are we so afraid of??

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