Thursday, May 24, 2012

God called in sick today...


I feel that is all I do every hour now.
Lots of changes occurring.
No matter if it's good now it will be for the better later.
Mostly taking time to myself and realizing how many beautiful people have entered my life recently.. It is a true treasure to meet wonderful people and an even more amazing experience to really be able to observe them.
There is something to learn from everyone, be open and allow your thoughts and emotions run wild. 
We are wild creatures and suppressing ourselves will not allow our souls to grow.

A wise Man once said.....
And that is it.. 
take a moment to listen and take in what a wise man has to say ..
to many times we listen with one ear and not both. 

find the beauty in every person you come into contact with

I recently had an awesome get away to Big Sur.. i have to say it was a charming and relaxing. I will be back soon! 

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