Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Motel California

I think that harem pants are the shit. They are comfortable and bring an extra "zing" to any ordinary outfit. I also am obsesed with these prada shoes I got from a second hand store. They may not have been to cheap, but so worth it. I also have found that belts as bracelets are so much fun!! This sweater is a baeutiful, heavy and soft knit. I also found it at a second hand store. I think all my clothes are from thrift stores. There is an art to finding good things. You have to look at every piece with wonder. I sometimes get a little overwhelmed because I see potential in EVERYTHING. I like to go by myself as well. I dont like others opinions because they may not see what you see in something...and you should always go with your gut!
Pants: America Apparel.... Sweater and purse: vintage  ......Shoes: Prada

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