Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can I have some room for rain in my coffee?? Thanks.

Yesterday was great! I sat outside of peet's coffee while it was raining and finished some stuff up. I love being in the rain. The ledge was just big enough where I didn't get nervous about my electronics.and it was glorious. I highly recommend it some time.

I always get questions about these shoes. They look like converse but they are (ash)http://www.ashitalia.com . They are a dope European brand. She makes the coolest shoes. I love sneakers. I also got these white pants at forever. I love white pants. They look so good with a dark shoe and jacket.


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chloet said...

your long cross ring is amazing
ive been on the hunt for one everywhere...
where is it from?
new follower of your blog, yet a huge fan already x