Friday, October 22, 2010

Holly-Wood.. is dead.

Jacket: hand made. Black lipstick.. YES PLEASE!

I am so sick of people thinking celerities are cool. THEY SUCK.. NEWS FLASH.. they fucken have stylist that show them what to wear and half the time it's stupid clothing that that a designer has decided to to give them for free or they get it for free if they are "seen" in it. The next time you go into 7-11 and go to grab the PEOPLE mag or US weekly, STOP! pick up Teen Vougue or something you can get some real inspiration on. I won't lie when I say that when I see people pick that Gnarly shit up Im like...OH GOD!! nooo! put it down. We are the generation of today and next week. We say whats cool and what should be worn. When is the last time you saw a celeb in chucks, balmain pants, and a rad tee?? .. OK, there is the chosen few, but they are not recignized as fashion of today. Point blank .. Fashion is what you make it and it should never be taken seriously and always make you feel at home.Maybe im just a blog junkie with a lous mouth, but I ant no god damn son of a bitch!!!! Keep being inspired and keep doing your own thing. Its better for you and man kind!

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