Monday, October 4, 2010

A Perfect Moment.

I woke right now at 12:00 am to find a lightning storm going on in my town. Lightning storms fascinate the hell out of me. Its like mother nature roaring like a beast in your face and waving her shiny dagger at you. Tonight was different then any other night I have experienced it. My candles were lit and the door right next to my bed was open. I felt so compelled to take a walk outside and watch the beauty of it. As I did I noticed the stillness in the air and how crisp it was. My parents live in Sonora so you can imagine redwood trees and mountains... I felt as if I was the only human in the world watching this storm, and as I sat outside in the middle of it I started to even cry. I felt that I had realized that my feelings of being overwhelmed with my everyday life was just ridiculous and it reminded me that I am small, and that there is something bigger out there. Not in a religious way, but in a balance of life way. I have never felt so overcome by something so beautiful. I heard a dog start howling in the distance after a long period of time which sort of shook me out of my thoughts... then it began to rain. Thank you mother nature for that moment... and that is was. I had to share. If there is a storm and you are able to go outside and just sit in it.. even if for only a moment, do.  Its beautiful.  

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Anonymous said...

you've inspired so much fresh life into me. thank you. your blog means more than you can imagine.