Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's all an illusion ....

 I will admit that I have a small obsession of long vintage dresses. I wanted to wear it in a different way instead of looking like a cute frumpy grandma (which I don't argue with) but I wanted to add a little sass to it. I cut the front out and added another layer of the skirt. I love the look and in the summer with bare tan legs will be adorable.I made the leather necklace for fun and it actually fell apart due to poor glue, But I always find imperfections visually stimulating so i still wear it. I have a few dresses that I am doing this effect to. I think the transition from cold to warm weather will be easy for a girl who owns this dress.

Michelle and I found this beautiful ran down place that was itching for a photo. The moss and foggy-eerie sky was alined in perfect sequence that day.

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