Monday, January 3, 2011

Silence speaks.

I found these vintage Levi shorts at the salvation army and fell in love with them.. then decided they needed to meet a box cutter. I love high waisted, shredded shorts. They really could go with anything!! It's one item I will be selling on my online store when I get it going. I paired it here a cute blouse that I also got for 1 buck... 

This Jacket I found at a second hand store on haight st in SF and I feel like I am in the film almost famous when I put it on. Very badass and warm. The extravagantly long rosary was given to me by mom and actually glows in the dark!!!!! It's a little incredible.

Shoes are a forever 21 find... and I love them. I would say all together this outfit cost about $25. All it takes is a good eye and the energy to rummage through the salvation army racks like a mad woman.

........ And when silence speaks, you are emotionally and physically paralyzed. You didn't know what movement and a stare could do until this moment. And there she laid forever........

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