Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing with Spanish fire.

                           HOLY SHIT!!!
I am I sorry for dropping off the face of blog world! I have been soaking up some European culture in Madrid and Italy for about two weeks now and finally got some internet. First off I would like to say that Europe is different then people made it out to be for me. The crazy conscious people would say don't say your American! The debutantes told me to shop in latest centers and look chic!... BLEHT! All wrong!! People Love Californians. They are quite jealous of us and have no problem conversing about it. Getting lost in the streets of Madrid in small pathways to small self owned stores was where I found all the things I purchased. In fact, i found it funny and very discouraging to have finally have found a thrift store in Madrid and it turns out they only carry American thrift!.. and it's super expensive!! I was so sad not to grab a cool Spanish soccer shirt or a sick jacket, but I did get some good stuff! The thing that I loved about Madrid was the street art! it is very much a city and the old windows and doors hold the keys to the city's beautiful history and the graffiti reminds you that it's 2011. Haha. People may think that it's making things less attractive, but the culture seems to not mind it. Instead of hiding it with some shit white paint that makes it look horrible, They openly leave it and sometimes have street art surrounding their buildings! I thought it was absolutely amazing to see a city openly have art on the streets. I was captivated by it all. It gave a sense of freedom in the air and all I could do was breathe it in.

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