Monday, April 18, 2011

Talking Heads

I totally still have these pants and I freaken love them. They are ridiculously flared and silk so they move like a whimsical dream! I rock these anytime I am in Palm Springs. I wish I could find more. I was lucky enough to be at JetRag in LA when they were doing a dollar Sunday and I flipped when I saw these... for $1.00!!! um..YES PLEASE!
Also this amazing thing on my head is a belt that I just felt needed to be a headpiece. I LOVE IT! I think mostly anything belongs on your head at least once. I would love to start making some pieces like this as well..(thought). 
This Tank I bought at Urban WAY back in the day and decided it was way cooler inside out and shredded on the side. Summertime is starting to call this baby back out with a pair of high waist shorts and combat boots... OH YEAH!

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