Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Way Back in the DIZZZAY.

Looking at old picture of when I was a little brat, I have noticed that my fashion sense hasn't changed very much! haha- I can remember owning this Lime green rain coat material jacket that i wore everywhere! I had blue, shiny pleather Airwalks that I swore I ruled the world with because it was around the time when my mom finally took me to Santa Cruz to get a chained wallet and together they were great. I had platform sketchers that came out when SPICE GIRLS were the rage. You bet I owned those in elementary school! I don't know how I ran and played in those, but I did. My mom was the best mother in the world and always felt it was necessary to let me express myself in any way I could, so she let me dye my bangs blond in 5th grade. I purchased these color brushes from Claire's that had a block of dye you would brush in and it washed out in a week. If they were smart they would still make those cause they would make a fortune!I had every color as you can see above. I hit that period of thinking I was Gwen Steffani around 5th grade. I wore head jewels and and weird hair trends all the time! My brothers were in Garage bands since I can remember and my main role models... needless to say .. I thought I was a boy wearing Dickies, Ben Shermans, huge ball necklaces,  weird kid T-shirts from thrift stores and skate shoes until about freshman year. I don't even think that I really thought girly thoughts until boys started paying attention to me. STUPID BOYS!. 
Anywho- it's good to look back and smile.. and laugh at what you used to wear as a kid. Weird thing is I wish had most of it now. I would rock all of it. 

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