Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still work'en on the Visa.

Weezy in Unif for interview Magazine wearing UNIF. Fucking rad!!!!!

Weezy is the shit.. I love him!! When i saw this in interview Mag I fell in love again. He's fucken cool seems to represent himself and not a typical rapper.I think that is why I like him. He is probably the best smoking partner ever... and can now join in on the conversations of leather studded jackets? Keep doing your shit Weezy! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Way Back in the DIZZZAY.

Looking at old picture of when I was a little brat, I have noticed that my fashion sense hasn't changed very much! haha- I can remember owning this Lime green rain coat material jacket that i wore everywhere! I had blue, shiny pleather Airwalks that I swore I ruled the world with because it was around the time when my mom finally took me to Santa Cruz to get a chained wallet and together they were great. I had platform sketchers that came out when SPICE GIRLS were the rage. You bet I owned those in elementary school! I don't know how I ran and played in those, but I did. My mom was the best mother in the world and always felt it was necessary to let me express myself in any way I could, so she let me dye my bangs blond in 5th grade. I purchased these color brushes from Claire's that had a block of dye you would brush in and it washed out in a week. If they were smart they would still make those cause they would make a fortune!I had every color as you can see above. I hit that period of thinking I was Gwen Steffani around 5th grade. I wore head jewels and and weird hair trends all the time! My brothers were in Garage bands since I can remember and my main role models... needless to say .. I thought I was a boy wearing Dickies, Ben Shermans, huge ball necklaces,  weird kid T-shirts from thrift stores and skate shoes until about freshman year. I don't even think that I really thought girly thoughts until boys started paying attention to me. STUPID BOYS!. 
Anywho- it's good to look back and smile.. and laugh at what you used to wear as a kid. Weird thing is I wish had most of it now. I would rock all of it. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Goth Boots!!!!

Come to mama!!!! 
I found this website while lurking the internet and I must say.. I want them fucking all.... I love goth shoes and with the rise of the platform converse and the moon boots .. Japan has always hit this look hard and Im so glad that more people are making these cause I want to wear them all the time! handcrafted in london, these seem very well made. I guess I will have to purchase to find out.. DARN>
Purchase and lurk HERE.

And they even carry stuff like this below!!!! Of course "that" girl can pull them off... Thank God!


OMG... Jeffrey Campbell

I DIE!. I neeeeeed these! apparently they will be in Urbanoutfitters soon!!!!  Via knightcat.... See you all there!

Stop and Pop.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

..... Mei Lai. ....

All of these Items and more will be sold in a pre sale etsy shop!!! this coming week!!!!!

A growing boy needs his lunch..........

Leather Jacket- Misfits tee - Vintage 501 shorts - Cheetah Lita-

So you say your Punk Rock.............

Then riot your brains out.

Picture will be up today some time.. shut up and listen...