Monday, October 13, 2008

Have YOU heard of SUH-TAHN ?

Suh-Tahn; sacred robe.....or where the dark meets the light.

That is exactly what this line does, using unordinary shapes and inspirations from nature. Shannon Nataf and Dimitry Tcherfas are long time friends who in 2005 created this beauty. When I put on these garments I almost feel the clothes are whimsical. Oversize hoodies on sweaters and dresses with two different fabrics draped and intertwining into one another beautifully. Expect the unexpected when you look at the line as a whole. They definitely make every piece feel like a one of a kind. I work at a clothing store that sells Suh-Tahn and there is not one day that i don't slip into a cropped leather jacket with the sleeves just the right length so they cover my hands and and an amazing tank that gives the allusion as a double tank, but its actually one that can be turned into a dress with a simple small belt. That is the other thing about this line that i love....You can morph each piece into a totally different piece. Its amazing!

I highly recommend you investing in Suh-Tahn, It's worth it! Believe me.

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