Friday, January 15, 2010


I only have these random steve madden shoes with me for the moment so they are with a ton of outfits. I love these bracelets and one is even big enough to go up my arm a bit. I failed to mention that i have grey in my hair. I was watching coco chanel and the next day went to get my hair dome and I thought.... Grey..i have always found grey to be such a chic and bold statement next to black...what the hell. I actually really like it. Now off to the wallmart to buy some mens long johns...praying they have black!

Shirt, jewlery and Jacket/dress, Vintage. Shorts and Nylons, American Apparel. Shoes, Steve Madden.


e.m. c said...

ahh i love the bracelets. im always on a little hunt for ones that will fit up high on my arm. i think i'm cursed with the boniest elbow ever though.. nothing ever works.

Anonymous said...

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