Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shimmy Shimmy Shake..

I finally have pictures of when I went thrift shopping!!! I went to savers and spent about $50 in all for all this good stuff!!.. I do have one dress that I am a little obsessed with below.

 So..I am taking more pictures today, but this indian inspired jewlery is so great. I gasped when I saw it all and it was given to me by my uncles. I can not wait to wear this crazy dress. I was at my grandmothers...when I go there I get really excited because i get to raid her closets. She had this hat that I could NOT resist! I felt that it made the outfit complete.

Dress, Vintage. Shoes, Vintage. Nylons, Betsey johnson


Anonymous said...

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The Rummager said...

Of course...what was your email address??