Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dripping with alchemy

My Ying Michelle and decided to go to an art event yesterday. it was so interesting because these artist not only got to show their art, but they got to speak about what it really meant and how they felt when they did it. It was beautiful because usually you make your own perception on what a painting or photo means to you and here you were able to understand the real emotion in the art.... This wall was pretty awesome and so we decided to stop. Monterey actually has some great areas for photos. I live in Salinas.. People usually associate this place with gangs and Hispanics. I find there is something raw about it. This town makes no excuses for the overly packed cars, Homies in the civics and Chinese food buffets. It creates a very interesting scene sometimes. I was interviewed yesterday for a local newspaper about fashion and blogging so I am very excited to see it soon!!

Forever 21 jacket. Vintage cowboy shirt. vintage 501 shorts. A.A tights. Vintage military boots. 

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A/C said...

Hey smash! Its amelia... well, duh. haha. love the blog. you should check mine out! good luck with the interview thingy!