Saturday, July 24, 2010

I like fish .....and Jeffrey Campbell...

If you have not heard of you are missing out on a sweet little treat! I cant get enough!  They have really good selections of stuff and the shoes are my favorite! I have decided that there are just a few things that I can NOT live without... like the ones above by Jeffery Campbell...OMG! He rocks my effing socks..I can see this with a vintage tee..leather jacket and cut off denim shorts..UH..yes please!
There are a few other items I believe I will be an owner of before the month is over!....

The red ones are sold out..which of course were my favorite..but I am sure you could find them online somewhere!

I love the two blouses that are beautifully draped over and done proper! The leggings are just to damn cute. The cut off ones are so interesting and with a s slouchy knit...YUMMY!

These rich brown leather pants make me want to scream and eat a chocolate bar!

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