Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Beautiful Maze

Jess Holtworth

I was skimming through artists online and I was so stricken by Jess Holtworth's work. Her artwork is very mesmerizing to me and I find myself getting lost in it. I love all the different elements she brings to her pieces. She has this cut and paste feel that gives an Andy Warhol look. I also think that every one of them holds a message in it. Although every art piece holds a message, These are different. There are sexual undertones mixed with raw emotion. Which is interesting because the materials that are used are raw as well. It spoke to me in a very real way. The texture, colors, pictures,prints... It all almost feels like an acid trip, gone right.

The best part is aside from being an artist, she is a video director. She had worked with Beck, Imaad Wasif, The slits and a few more.  She definitely leaves her print on all these videos. She brings the same dark, fantasy, whimsical and raw vibe to all of them.

I Love all of these and find them highly inspiring!

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