Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slutty Grandma.

I found this incredible long vintage dress at the local Salvation army. Let me tell ya, There is ONE good reason to live in a town wear people are about 12 years behind in fashion, all the stuff that is donated is amazing and is the exact era that is in now. Its kinda funny in a sense. The woman who works there always looks at me funny as I throw my acid wash, grandpa sweaters, over sized-crummy shirts and tattered blazers up to be bagged. I found this very long grandma dress with huge floral prints. It still has shoulder pads and I really like the way it drapes with them still attached. I like it with a metal vintage belt, Leather jacket(of course) and thigh highs with vintage boots. Its very fun and plays with both masculine and feminine energy. my kind of outfit you could say. It makes wanna dance, which may be way these are motion sensitive.

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