Sunday, March 27, 2011

Astonished and distinguished.

Welcome aliens to Astonish Magazine!!

Just came out with Issue Zero, which if you can't find in SF you can look at this mag online as well, Is an amazingly done fashion Mag. I am excited to see what comes to this and have high hopes. The reason i believe in this Magazine is because they believe in you! They are not here to tell us all the things about the new Louis Vuitton Runway show that is a bore and is already in about 10 other fashion mags, they are here to present New Artists and designers to you from the underground nitty gritty fashion world. The other thing that's dope is if you go online you can actually submit a fashion spread that you have created and send it in to them, if they like your spread they will feature in their magazine! So if you feel like you have the creative brain and you want some credibility go online and check out the submissions tab for all the requirements. This magazine is supporting it's readers to the fullest so why not support them?

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