Monday, April 4, 2011

Leather and Buckles

Any time I wear these shoes... somebody always asks me where the hell I got them!! 

Ash is a sick as shoe brand! I purchased these in 2000 when they first came out for like $120.. was skipping through Sunset blvd and saw them in Maddison for DOUBLE!! RIP-OFF! anywho.. They are a French design with Italian leather... Yummy, YES .. Comfy,Yes .. Goes with anything,YES! I love wearing them with these punker capri (to the high ankle not knee)checkered pants, Dresses and shorts. They are so awesome and will replace my chucks any day. They have made so many cool ones since you have got to see!!!

And I must say that for some weird ass reason I dig these shoes with the wedge. It's this awesome look with shredded Levi shorts and a 70's crop that would be divine with the bleach splatter.

as if I wouldn't droll over the studded shoe!

AND if you are in the market for a sick cowboy boot these baby are on sale now for $180. OH YEAH!

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