Monday, February 27, 2012

Sugar Love

SO I have been fallowing this Blog SUGARHIGH-LOVESTONED... I just realized it's a freaken brand!!! I really connected with the vibe they have for their blog! It's so incredible and inspiring. Its one of those that you get really excited to check in the morning with your dose of coffee and leaves an impression in your mind the rest of the day. I logged onto the shop and immediately fell in love with the shirts!!! Everything is awesome!

I like the placement of the studs and all graphics! I highly suggest checking them out! 
Plus I kind of have a girl crush on the Red head.. she's crazy hot! makes me rethink the red hair this summer?? 

The Lookbook is what really blew my little mind! 


Angela Leberte said...

sugarhigh and lovestoned is one of my favorite brands!!! i did a project on them last semester haha :)

great feature


born to be wild said...

thanks for the post love!! be sure to check out our summer lookbook coming soon!! you can see the sneak peek here: