Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrift Fit.

With the series of Drama and hard work I needed a serious thrift shop day where I could just feel really good about something I found. I swear I get a high off of finding amazing clothes for dirt freaken cheap. I walked away yesterday with a cheap smile and a heart of and bag of gold! 

I got this sick colorblock button up.. to me it's like clueless in the 80's... Im obsessed!!! My mom swears it's hers from way back when. I plan on rocking it out with my handmade leather shorts and a Docs... UGH so freaken awesome!! 

This guy is pretty cool as well.. I so plan on wearing it tied in the middle with high waist shorts for spring... or even just over a suit.

She fits very worn in and loose.. Just hangs on me.. which is my favorite fit... I think my leather pants are grabbing at this shirt.. I even can do this cropped tight short sleeve shirt over it and wear with leggings.. 

Than there was this guy!! UGH I saw it and freaked out!!! It is neon and black with 80s space inside and the balls on the outside move around it..OH YEAH! I sad "hello .. you are coming with me!".. I love it so much I cant stop wearing it.

Total spent.. $18.00... 
Fuck Yeah! 

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Stephany Yu said...

Ooh cute! I love everything!!